ShopWired Apps & Extensions

Extend the functionality of your store and website with our Apps & Extensions.


Facebook Store

Setup a Facebook store by adding an ecommerce tab to your Facebook page and listing your products.

Free to use & install
How You Heard About Us

Find out how your customer's heard about your website by asking them at checkout.

Free to use & install

Connect your website to MailChimp and sync contacts, customers and newsletter subscribers automatically.

Free to use & install
Google Feed

Submit a feed of your products to the Google Shopping Merchant Centre.

£3.50 + vat per month
Product Reviews

Collect reviews on your products from previous customers to boost visitor confidence in the quality of your products.

£4.00 + vat per month

Sell More

Gift Cards

Sell gift cards to your customers and handle generation and redemption of the cards automatically.

£2.00 + vat per month
Basket Rules

Create basket rules to add default products to a customer's basket (e.g. if they spend under £X or over £Y).

Free to use & install
Product Extras

Allow your customers to purchase add-ons for their products with a simple tick box.

Free to use & install
Product Bundles

Create package/bundle products and increase the sales gained from each customer.

Free to use & install
Search Keywords

Add specific keywords to each product to make sure that the product appears in search results when those keywords are typed into search.

Free to use & install
Reward Points

Reward your customers for repeat purchases by offering points which can be redeemed for a cash discount on the customer's next purchase.

£2.50 + vat per month
Back In Stock Notifications

Customers can request to be notified automatically by email when an out of stock product is back in stock.

Free to use & install
Two For One

Offer two for one discounts across individual or ranges of products.

£1.00 + vat per month
Product Q&A

Let your visitors ask questions about a product whilst on your website and display previous questions (and their answers) on the product page.

Free to use & install


Abandoned Basket

Automatically send an email to your customers when they abandon their basket before checkout.

FREE to use & install
Back Orders

Let your customers purchase your products even when they're out of stock.

FREE to use & install
Google Trusted Stores

Show that you’re a great place to shop and reach new customers with the Google Trusted Stores programme.

£2.00 + vat per month
Login & Pay With Amazon

Offer login & pay with Amazon on your website's checkout to allow customers to checkout quicker by choosing their billing details from their Amazon account.

Free to use & install
Feefo Reviews

Do you use Feefo to collect reviews? Integrate Feefo and ShopWired.

Free to use & install

Do you use to collect reviews? Integrate and ShopWired.

Free to use & install

Website Improvements

Soft Add To Cart

Allow your visitors to stay on the page they are on when they add an item to their basket.

Free to use & install
Customer Address Book

Allow your customers to create an address book of saved addresses for faster checkout.

Free to use & install
Video Library

Host a video library on your website to showcase your products or services.

Free to use & install

Create and manage a successful blog - great for keeping visitors up to date with the latest news and new products from your ecommerce business.

Free to use & install

Add another type of categorisation to your online store using the brands/manufacturers feature.

Free to use & install

Create a directory of local stockists of your products (or your branch locations) searchable by your visitors using either postcode or town/city name.

£3.00 + vat per month
Google reCAPTCHA

Stop spam in it's tracks by placing the Google reCAPTCHA widget directly on your website's forms.

Free to use & install

Store Management

Stock Alerts

Set a specific stock alert level for each product and be alerted by daily email all SKUs where the stock quantity has fallen below that level.

Free to use & install
Warehouse Notes

Enter warehouse notes used on order confirmations to tell your team where to locate the order in your warehouse.

Free to use & install
Order Feed

Use our feed builder to build an XML feed for all the orders received on your website, great for dropshipping or if you're using a fulfillment warehouse.

Free to use & install
Product Feed

Use our feed builder to build an XML feed for all the products on your website.

Free to use & install
User Accounts

Grant access to your ShopWired account for any user and set different access levels for each user.

Free to use & install



Connect your website to your Clearbooks account and send details of orders and customers to Clearbooks automatically.


Connect your website to your Kashflow account and send details of orders and customers to Kashflow automatically.


Connect your website to your Xero account and send details of orders and customers to Xero automatically.


Connect your website to your Quickbooks account and send details of orders and customers to Quickbooks automatically.

Interlink Express

Send orders and shipments to Interlink Express to notify them of new packages and print shipping labels.

Royal Mail Click & Drop

Download orders in the right format to upload straight into your Royal Mail Click & Drop account.



Custom VAT features

Remove VAT from orders from businesses within the EU when supplying a VAT number or allow users to claim disability VAT relief.

Free to use & install
eBay Integration

Connect your ShopWired website and eBay store to sync orders, products & listings and stock levels automatically between both selling channels.

£25.00 + vat per month
Quotation System

Create quotes and email them to customers with a simple pay link that takes them straight through to enter their billing details.

Free to use & install
SEO Control

Take control of the titles, meta descriptions, keywords, and URLs of your website pages.

Free to use & install
Transaction Fees

Setup and charge transaction fees to your customer's depending on the payment gateway they choose.

Free to use & install
Postcode Shipping

Use the postcode shipping extension to charge customers for delivery based on their postcode and exclude customers with certain postcodes from placing orders.

Free to use & install
Stripe Subscriptions

Sell subscriptions on your website using the Stripe payment gateway.

Free to use & install

Set a conversion rate for popular currencies like the US Dollar or Euro, and allow your customers to view pricing in their chosen currency.

£2.00 + vat per month
Custom fields for products

Setup custom fields for your products to vastly expand the capability of your online store.

Free to use & install

Trade/B2B Features

Trade Accounts & Pricing

Allow customers to apply for trade accounts and set individual pricing for each trade account for each product on your website.

FREE on Advanced & Premium packages
Bulk Discounts

Set discounted pricing for multiple purchases of the same product or product groups.

£3.00 + vat per month
Minimum Order Quantity

Set a minimum order quantity for your products, a level your customers must purchase at in order to buy from you.

Free to use & install
Hide Prices Unless Logged In

Hide prices for your products to customers unless they are logged into an account.

Free to use & install
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