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Create your own ecommerce website and start selling successfully with ShopWired today

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Great ways to increase conversions on your product page

1st March 2016

A lot of store owners tend to solely focus on their customers' checkout experience when optimising their website to increase conversions. Unfortunately, what a lot of owners forget is that the product page is the page on which your customers will decide whether to purchase your product or not.

The product page needs to tell a story. It needs to tell the story of how great your product is, which needs your customer has that the product will fulfill.

We all know the importance of great product photography and product descriptions, we've blogged about those factors before, but there is a lot more to a great product page than that.

Add a frequently asked questions section

A lot of customers will sit on the fence before they click the 'add to basket' button on your product page. And most of the time, the reason they're on the fence is because they have unanswered questions.

A while ago, Optimizely published a blog post on this subject, and demonstrated how Roller Skate Nation increased conversions on their product page by a whopping 69% when they added a frequently asked questions section onto their product pages.

So, take a look at the most common questions that land in your inbox about your products and start collating them into a spreadsheet. You can even make up your own questions.

Then, add in a FAQs section onto your product pages within your product descriptions (or you could consider adding tabs to your product pages to section off the FAQs).

Integrate live chat

Just like an FAQs section, live chat allows your customers to get answers to their questions immediately, making it much easier to make an informed buying decision. This is particularly useful for high end products.

We use Zopim for live chat, and they even have a free package available.

Live chat also has the great impact of showing your customers that you are easily and quickly available. It makes your business look more trustworthy and will instill confidence.

Even if your customers don't use the live chat button, they know it's there.

Product videos

Ecommerce has many advantages over the traditional shopping experience, but it has some downsides. Customers can't see the product, they can't touch and feel it.

Pictures on your product can only go so far. Often, a well produced video can connect with your customers in a way that an image can't. Videos don't need to be lengthy or complicated.

Don't be afraid to ask your supplier if they have a video available, often they will.

Allow customer reviews

You can install the customer reviews APP in your ShopWired account to allow customers to leave their own reviews about your product. Social proof is so important when it comes to the buying experience, if users can see others have bought the product and enjoyed using it, they're more likely to add it to their basket.

Reviews can answer some of the big questions that customers have about buying from you. Can I trust this website? Does this product delivery? Will it meet my needs?

Google Trusted Stores

The Google Trusted Stores programme, is a great way to install confidence in the shopping experience that your customers will have buying from you.

It's free to use, easy to setup (when using the Google Trusted Stores APP that we provide) and has been demonstrated to improve conversion rates by up to 145%.

Offer a rock-solid money back guarantee

For most products, you're obliged to offer a money back guarantee to your customers because of the Distance Selling Regulations.

A lot of retailers hide this, they don't like to make it known to their customers because of a misguided belief that customers don't know about it. But they do.

So why not shout about it from the roof tops.

Take a look at some of the free resources available here to make your own money back guarantee badge and place it on your product pages.

Prominently display certifications or endorsements

Has your product been endorsed? Does it have certifications from trusted organisations?

Any certifications or endorsements that your product has are a major pull factor and should be included on your product pages. They allow you to 'borrow' trust from a third party.

You don't necessarily need to have badges from third parties, you can create your own 'Made In Britain' or '100% Satisfaction Guaranteed'.