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Why we're the only Alternative to Shopify worth considering

How ShopWired performs on the things that matter to your online business...


UK platform, UK support

ShopWired is a platform built and developed in the UK and supported by a UK team. Shopify does not offer UK support.


All themes free

Unlike Shopify, all ShopWired's themes are provided completely free of charge - and all are built to be mobile and tablet friendly.


No transaction fees

Shopify charges an additional 2% transaction fee for each card transaction processed. ShopWired charges no transaction fees.


No expensive apps

Shopify has a huge number of apps. Monthly app bills for the typical Shopify store average from $50 - $100 a month.


Best rated ecommerce platform

We pride ourselves on the support we offer, ShopWired is the best rated ecommerce platform on Trustpilot.


Dispatch with Click & Drop

Send orders automatically to Royal Mail's Click & Drop service. Save time with dispatch and label printing.


Sell on eBay

Connect your eBay store to your ShopWired account to create listings, import products, manage orders and sync stock levels.


Sell on Etsy

Import products from Etsy into ShopWired or create new Etsy listings from your ShopWired account.


Sell on Facebook

Use Facebook's ecommerce features, import your product listings from ShopWired and find a new audience on Facebook.


Sell on Instagram

Tag Instagram posts with products you've imported from ShopWired and use the power of social media to grow your business.


Quickbooks integration

Connect your ShopWired account to your Quickbooks account to automatically sync customers and orders between platforms.


Xero integration

Connect your ShopWired account to your Xero account to automatically sync customers and orders between platforms.


Advanced B2B features

Set tiered pricing, bulk discounts, trade pricing, trade-only categories and products and min/max order quantities.


Trade/wholesale features

Allow visitors to apply for trade/wholesale accounts, offer credit account status and enable offline payment.


Advanced VAT features

Offer VAT relief on eligible products, set custom VAT rates and thresholds for selling into the EU, and more.


Mobile commerce

All of ShopWired's available themes are fully responsive, built and optimised for use on mobile and tablet devices.



Connect with Printful to offer print-on-demand products on your ShopWired website and increase sales.


Insightful reports

Gain powerful insights into the performance of your online store to analyse the data and optimise for success.


Dropship with AliExpress

Use DropWired to import products, sync stock levels and dispatch orders from the AliExpress marketplace.

Shopify vs ShopWired

A like for like pricing comparison of ShopWired’s Essentials package and Shopify’s Basic package.

Monthly cost
£34.95 + VATShopwired£25Shopify
Additional fees on customer orders
Review rating on TrustPilot for customer support
Customer help and support team
Based in the UKShopwiredBased in the USAShopify
Cost of templates/themes for your website
Free of chargeShopwired9 free, 64 paidShopify
Wholesale/trade/business to business features
YesShopwiredNot presentShopify
Support for integrations & apps
Provided by ShopWiredShopwiredNeed to contact the app developerShopify
Monthly cost£34.95 + VAT£25
Additional fees on customer orders0%2.0%
Review rating on TrustPilot for customer support4.9/51.4/5
Customer help and support teamBased in the UKNot based in the UK
Cost of templates/themes for your websiteAll themes free of charge9 free, 64 paid
Wholesale/trade/business to business featuresYesNot present
Support for integrations & appsProvided by ShopWiredNeed to contact app developer

Shopify costs and transactions fees vs ShopWired

Correct as of 1st April 2024


  • £34.95 + VAT pcm
    0% Transaction Fees
View package details
  • Shopify Monthly Cost: £25
  • Transaction Fees: 2%


  • £79.95 + VAT pcm
    0% Transaction Fees
View package details
  • Shopify Monthly Cost: £65
  • Transaction Fees: 1%


  • £149.95 + VAT pcm
    0% Transaction Fees
View package details
  • Shopify Monthly Cost: £344
  • Transaction Fees: 0.5%


  • from £249.95 + VAT pcm
    0% Transaction Fees
View enterprise details
  • Shopify Monthly Cost: $2,000
  • Transaction Fees: 0%

Frequently asked questions

  • What makes ShopWired better than Shopify?

    The main reason customers migrate from Shopify to ShopWired is that we are a UK company, with a platform built and developed in the UK and supported by a UK based support team. We're proud to be British.

  • Shopify is a bigger company, doesn't that mean it's safer to use them?

    Shopify have over 1 million customers, so they're a massive company compared to ShopWired. But we believe bigger isn't always better, in fact we'd say our smaller size (hosting around 10,000 websites in the UK) makes us an ideal choice for any UK company because we value each and every customer that we have.

  • You don't have to pay Shopify a transaction charge if you use their gateway, so is it fair to say they charge transaction fees?

    Shopify charge a transaction fee ontop of the fee you pay to your payment gateway for every sale you make on their store. If you use Shopify's lowest package then the transaction fee is 2.0%. Whilst you don't have to pay this transaction fee if you use the Shopify Payments gateway, this gateway is actually just Stripe but branded as Shopify and is more expensive than Stripe. No matter how you work it out, you'll always pay more to receive a payment from your customers using Shopify than you would with ShopWired.

  • How does Shopify compare on price with ShopWired?

    Shopify's basic package is $29 a month, compared with ShopWired's charge of £34.95 + VAT per month. Looking at the monthly fee alone, Shopify is slightly cheaper. You should however also look at other factors like the cost of any theme you might use (on ShopWired all themes are free), the additional fees you have to pay to process payments from your customers, and Shopify's expensive app charges.

  • Can I use a Shopify theme on ShopWired?

    Unfortunately Shopify themes can't be used on other platforms like ShopWired so instead you'll need to pick a new theme from ShopWired's collection and customise its look and feel. If you want something a little more bespoke please contact us and we can discuss your requirements.

  • Shopify has a POS system, what solution does ShopWired offer?

    ShopWired doesn't provide its own POS system, instead we'd recommend that you use Vend which is one of the largest POS systems in the world. Your ShopWired account can connect seamlessly with Vend to sync products, stock and orders.

  • Will I lose my search engine rankings when my ShopWired website goes live?

    No, there is no reason for you to lose any search engine rankings. If you have a good position in search results then we have some guidance for you to follow when migrating to make sure the process is as smooth as it can be and that your rankings are not disrupted. For more details see here.

  • Will customers who have accounts on my website be able to keep those accounts?

    You can use ShopWired's migration system to copy your customer accounts across from your current website. All the customer information will be preserved but they'll need to use a new password to access their account information. We can place a notification on the account login page giving customers an easy way to create a new password.

  • Will my site load at the same speed it did before?

    Absolutely. In fact many users migrating from Shopify report a slightly quicker download time for their website because of our server locations and overall platform architecture.

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