ShopWired full feature list

Every single feature available on ShopWired, in one list.

Creating products

  • Manage your entire product inventory through your ShopWired account
  • Upload unlimited numbers of images for each product
  • Display crystal clear images to showcase your products and display an image roll-over zoom and/or image lightbox
  • Organise products within categories and subcategories
  • Use our free filter extension to add a faceted search to product listings
  • Assign products to brands and enable a search by brand feature
  • Customers can order and download digital products
  • Use our import/export feature to upload and edit products in bulk
  • Set your products' SEO tags to enable better rankings in search engines
  • Easily integrate structured data
  • Showcase your products with product videos
  • Enable a customer Q&A section on your products with our free extension

Product variations

  • List products in up to 3 variation types that you control (like sizes or colours)
  • Create unlimited options within each variation type
  • Create and manage variation combinations
  • Specify different prices, weight and image for each variation combination
  • Assign separate SKU codes and stock quantities to each variation combination

Additional features

  • Need more product options? Use product choices to allow unlimited additional options on your products
  • Offer product extras to give customers simple tick boxes if they want an option (and specify a separate price for each extra)
  • Enable customisation fields to allow your customers to specify custom requests (like engraving text)
  • Allow your customers to upload files with their product

Advanced stock management tools

  • Track stock automatically for each product or product variation
  • Stock management is entirely optional, activate it on a per product basis
  • Use the stock import/export system to manage stock levels in bulk through spreadsheet download/upload
  • Automatically stop selling products when out of stock
  • Choose to hide products from your category pages and search results if they are out of stock
  • Automatically sync stock levels between your selling channels like eBay

Back in stock notifications

  • Never lose a sale if a product is out of stock
  • If a product is out of stock, a customer can request to be notified from the product page, when it's back in stock
  • Notifications are sent out by ShopWired automatically each day

Stock alerts

  • Set an stock alert level for each product
  • Receive a daily email of your stock alerts

Back order

  • Set products on back order allowing out of stock products to still be purchased

Customer accounts

  • Encourage repeat customers by enabling account creation at checkout
  • Learn more about your customers and their shopping habits with customer profiles
  • Force customer login at checkout or enable guest checkout
  • Use the customer import/export system to manage customer records through spreadsheet upload/download
  • Customers can store multiple addresses in their account for faster checkout
  • Newsletter opt-in at account creation and checkout
  • Download marketing subscribers through your ShopWired account
  • Automatic opt-in syncing with Mailchimp
  • Ask customers how they heard about you and download the report
  • Create quotes for your customers and email a simple payment link
  • Allow customers to store their card details for faster purchase next time (gateway dependent)
  • Let your customers store multiple addresses on their account

Reward points

  • Encourage loyalty and repeat business by offering a reward points scheme
  • Set the points earned for the purchase of each product
  • Enable a cash disount at checkout for redeeming reward points
  • Set a minimum threshold for redeeming reward points

Encourage referrals

  • Run a referral scheme on your website
  • Reward customers that refer new customers with reward points
  • Reward referred customers with a cash discount off their first order
B2B & Wholesale

Trade accounts

  • Allow customers to apply for trade accounts
  • Review and approve trade account applications before the customer account goes live
  • Choose to hide pricing from customers unless logged into a trade account
  • Create trade only products and categories and run an entirely separate trade website from your ShopWired account
  • Specify minimum and maximum order quantities for products
  • Set different pricing on products for trade customers
  • Specify an individual price for each product for each trade customer account
  • Specify a global discount on normal product pricing for each trade account
  • Create pricing groups and specify product pricing for each pricing group and assign trade customers to a group
  • Allow 'credit accounts' for submission of an order without payment

Bulk pricing

  • Use the bulk discounts app to specify percentage bulk discounts on products or product groups for bulk pricing
  • Specify an individual price level for bulk purchases of the same product and configure rules for different bulk amounts
  • Create special offers and deals based on bulk selling
  • Enable bulk discounts just for trade accounts or for any customer

Additional features

  • Display product prices for trade accounts excluding VAT
  • Import trade accounts in bulk through spreadsheet upload
  • Upgrade a normal customer account to a trade account with one click
  • Specify separate delivery pricing for trade customers

Native marketing tools

  • Run promotions and offers with discount and promotional voucher codes
  • Allow customers to purchase gift cards for their friends and family or use gift cards as store credit
  • All ShopWired websites include social media integration with platforms like Facebook and Pinterest
  • Setup a Facebook store and manage it from your ShopWired account
  • List your products on Google Shopping with our automatic product feed
  • Manage your eBay store from your ShopWired account
  • Tag products on Instagram posts and lead customers straight to your website

Increase sales & conversions

  • Engage customers and display social proof by displaying customer reviews
  • Send automatic emails to your customers to recover abandoned baskets
  • Use the Google Trusted Stores to increase customer confidence
  • Secure your website with an SSL certificate to inspire customer confidence in your website's integrity and security
  • Automatically sync your website with Mailchimp to notify your customers of new proudcts or special offers

Search engine optimisation

  • Ensure high rankings for your website in search engines using ShopWired's SEO tools
  • ShopWired supports SEO best practices like customizable H1 tags
  • Customise your website and pages title tags and meta descriptions or use our automatic system
  • Your website's sitemap.xml file is automatically created by ShopWired to include all website pages, categories and products

Up-selling and cross-selling

  • Use product extras to allow customers to select additional options on products
  • Create product bundles and advertise them automatically on products part of a bundle
  • Select related products to dispay them automatically on product pages
  • Display automatic recommendations to visitors based on what other customers bought


  • Setup delivery rates based on either total value or weight of items in a basket
  • Configure different rates for the same basket to offer different shipping services
  • Setup different rates for each delivery zone (country) you deliver to
  • Use our intelligent delivery zones like EU VAT Zone countries
  • Specify non-VAT zones to automatically remove VAT for international orders


  • ShopWired has native integrations with over 25 UK payment gateways
  • Enable offline payment to allow customers to submit an order without making immediate payment
  • Enable the free Login & Pay with Amazon extension
  • Allow a customer to choose from up to 5 different payment methods
  • Use the transaction fees app to charge a transaction fee dependent on the payment gateway used by the customer

Simple checkouts

  • The ShopWired checkout process is designed with simplicity and ease of checkout in mind
  • Choose whether to take customer's to a login page during the checkout process
  • You can force customers to login or create an account, or allow a guest checkout
  • Use our advanced streamline checkout option the result of 3 years of research and development

Additional features

  • Use the UK postcodes extension to charge for delivery based on a customer's delivery postcode
  • Set a specific delivery price (or free delivery) for individual products
  • Create basket rules to specify if a particular product has to be included in a basket
  • Use the multi-currency app to allow a customer to view pricing in their own currency

Order management

  • Manage orders and build reports with a simple to use orders dashboard
  • Customise the look and content of your order confirmation and notification emails
  • Export your orders into a spreadsheet in just a couple of clicks
  • Customise the look and layout of your order invoice

Order processing & fulfillment

  • Fulfill one or multiple orders with just one click
  • Add warehouse notes to each of your products for easy order picking
  • Use ShopWiredConnect to automatically fulfill orders with your chosen courier

Automatic tools

  • Integrate your ShopWired website with your favourite accountancy APP using ShopWiredConnect
  • Your ShopWired account comes with a CSV and XML feed of your orders built-in

Additional Features

  • Process recurring payments with our free Stripe Subscription System extension
  • Create your own order status and send your customers automatic emails when the status of an order is changed
Website & Themes

Your website's theme

  • Choose from our themes all crafted by our in-house design team
  • Or opt for one of our bespoke designs and let our design team create your website's look to your exact requirements
  • All ShopWired websites are responsive which means they automatically adapt if being viewed on a mobile phone or tablet

Website content

  • Publish a blog, categorise articles, encourage discussion and create lookbooks all from ShopWired's integrated blogging platform
  • Create text and information pages to publish details about you and your company


  • Use our style editor to customise the look of your website changing colours and styling with ease
  • Each theme comes with a settings page where you can install additional plugins (like image zoom or guest checkout) with one click
  • Use the advanced page editor to directly edit the HTML, CSS and JS files that create your website

Additional features

  • ShopWired has native support for Google reCAPTCHA to stop spam in its tracks
  • Display reviews from your chosen review site with one of our free extensions
  • Use your own domain name for your ShopWired website
  • Host your entire website on ShopWired, which comes with a full-featured content management system
Hosting & Security

Unlimited hosting

  • All ShopWired accounts come with unlimited bandwidth and storage
  • ShopWired hosts with a 99.99% uptime guarantee
  • All ShopWired updates are automatic so you'll receive the latest features automatically and without any hassle
  • We monitor the stability of the platform 24/7 to fix any problems before they become an issue for your website

Military grade security

  • ShopWired is fully PCI compliant
  • We work to the standards of Level 1 PCI compliance
  • We work around the clock to maintain the ShopWired infrastructure and protect your website

Automatic backups

  • All your business's information, including products, customers, orders and stock levels are automatically and continually backed up
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Shopwired is an excellent ecommerce platform at an excellent price!. Phil Hotchkiss Hot Covers
Fantastic product, fantastic customer service...what more can I say. Mike Young The Rubber Stamp Gallery
ShopWired - a great decision - 10 times better than the old site. Khush Jabble
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