Create your own ecommerce website and start selling successfully with ShopWired today

Create your own ecommerce website and start selling successfully with ShopWired today

theme design

Turn your brand into the complete package with our bespoke theme design service.

Take your business to the next level

ShopWired's range of template themes that are available free of charge are some of the best ecommerce themes that are available. They have all been designed by our in-house design team, optimised for usability and conversions, and can be fully customised for your brand.

As a brand grows, you may find that using a template doesn't offer the individuality and customisability that your business needs. That's where ShopWired's bespoke theme design service comes in.

With the bespoke service we'll design a theme exactly how you want it to look, unique to your business and brand, and optimised for success.

Shopwired expert

Prototype —
Research & analysis

Before commencing any design project, ShopWired completes indepth research of the sector landscape. We look at general industry trends, successful competitors and your own brand values to determine the best overall layout and structure. You'll also be asked to complete a questionnaire, so that we can gain insight into your likes and dislikes and expectations for the project.

Design —
Design & launch

Our design team will then get to work producing a home page design for your new website which sets the overall theme, style and branding. Following your approval we'll design the remaining pages of the website, sending each one to you in turn for you to provide feedback.

Once the design is complete it will be sent to our in-house coding team to be coded and optimised for a high ranking in search results and quick download speeds.

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ShopWired's bespoke design team use a range of software and design tools to create solutions to fit even the most complex of bespoke requirements.

Do you have your own design?

ShopWired's coding team can create a bespoke theme from a design that you (or your designer) have created. Or we can copy the design of an existing theme (perhaps on another platform) that you own.

Bespoke theme coding from an existing design costs £1600 + VAT. If you'd like to proceed or get more information get in touch with us. In your message, please share a link to the design files or the theme you'd like to copy.

Example bespoke designs