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Product sourcing advice

Help and advice finding the right products to sell on your ShopWired store and doing so successfully

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Selling and sourcing print on demand products

A low risk way to sell custom products, print on demand has been an ecommerce phenomenon in recent years. In this article we'll examine the best print on demand suppliers and how to sell their products successfully.

The best print on demand suppliers
a t shirt printed with large lettering on the back

Making money with print on demand

How much money can you really make selling print on demand products?

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a pair of unbranded open toe ladies footwear

White label products

White label products are manufactured "en masse" and then customised with a logo or brand name added.

Merchants can use white labelled products to quickly spin up a business around an existing product and save on manufacturing and R&D costs.

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three bottles of shaving foam with different private labelling

Private label products

Similar to white label products, private label products are manufactured under your brand and with an exclusivity agreement.

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Product sourcing

Looking for the perfect product but not sure where to start? Our guide to sourcing new products will help you.

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a blue t shirt being printed with the logo and text dream big

T-shirt printing businesses

Everything you need to know about how to build, launch and grow a t-shirt printing business.

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a painting of a boat in a winter background in progress with pallette of paints to the side

How to sell art online

Looking to sell your own art online? Our guide on everything from Etsy to email marketing will help.

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handmade candle with white labelling, cedar and moss flavour

How to create a successful candle selling business

An easy step-by-step tutorial to designing, making and selling handmade candles from home.

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marketplace dice with different logos including aliexpress

Dropship with AliExpress

One of the largest retail and dropshipping websites in the world, dropshipping products with AliExpress can be very profitable.

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bottles of cbd oil

Selling CBD online

A comprehensive guide to successfully selling CBD online with ShopWired - detailing everything you need to know and more.

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