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Create your own ecommerce website and start selling successfully with ShopWired today

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How ShopWired’s SEO Packages Will Help Your Business Grow

26th March 2024

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Investing in SEO for your ecommerce website is a must. A recent report found that SEO is still the most effective channel for reaching your marketing goals. Furthermore, it's also the most cost-effective method for getting your brand in front of the right audience. 

In truth, without a solid SEO strategy in place, you’re likely missing out on a significant amount of free traffic from people actively searching for your products or services. 

This post will guide you through the importance of SEO, exploring what it is and why it’s crucial to your business. We’ll also look at ShopWired’s ecommerce SEO packages, designed to boost your online visibility to help your business flourish. 

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What Exactly Is SEO?

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SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is the name given to a range of techniques that aim to improve your website's visibility on search engines like Google, Microsoft Bing and others. 

The more your website ranks highly in the search results, the more likely it is to gain clicks from potential customers. And with an estimated 8.5 billion searches on Google alone per day, it becomes clear why SEO should be one of your priorities. 

There are two types of SEO:

  • On-page optimisation 
  • Off-page optimisation 

Let’s take a closer look at each type: 

On-page SEO

On-page SEO encompasses all elements on your website's pages that can be optimised for search engines. This includes page titles, meta tags, content and structure. 

Central to on-page optimisation is keyword research. This process involves using special SEO tools to identify the search terms that people are searching for within your industry. For example, if keyword research indicates "eco-friendly water bottles" is a highly searched term in your industry, optimising your website's relevant pages with this keyword in titles, meta descriptions and content can help you rank for it.

Beyond written content, on-page SEO also includes factors like loading speeds and mobile responsiveness. The faster and more user-friendly a website is, the more search engines will favour it and promote it. Platforms like ShopWired are designed with SEO in mind, meaning you can focus your efforts on keywords and content without worrying about slow page speeds and maintenance issues. 

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO focuses on activities outside your website that can boost its authority and search rankings. Off-page SEO mainly involves acquiring backlinks from other reputable websites, which act as 'trust signals', signalling to search engines that your site is a credible and valuable source of information. 

There are several techniques to help build backlinks to your website, which is known as 'link building.' Some of these include guest blogging, engaging with communities on social media and being featured in industry-related directories. Unlike on-page SEO, off-page efforts require outreach and networking to enhance your site's visibility and reputation across the web.

The Benefits of ShopWired's SEO Packages

Website Traffic Positive Trend

1. Boost Visibility

Boosting your store's visibility on search engines is crucial, and ShopWired's SEO packages are designed to do just that. Considering that less than 1% of searchers scroll to the second page of Google's results page, securing that prominent spot is essential. We'll work to improve your ranking position for the keywords that are most important to your business. 

2. Targeted Traffic

ShopWired's SEO services aim to attract not just any traffic but the right kind—visitors genuinely interested in your products or services. Just think about it, if someone is already searching online for the products you sell, it demonstrates buyer intent, making them more likely to become a paying customer. By aligning your offerings with the search queries of a motivated audience, ShopWired’s SEO services not only boost the quantity of your traffic but significantly enhance its quality, boosting your conversion rates. 

3. Competitive Edge

In the crowded online marketplace, standing out from the competition is vital. ShopWired's SEO packages help you outrank the competition to get ahead of your rivals. This can help you capture potential customers before they even see your competitors. 

4. Cost-Effectiveness

Cut costs

Unlike paid advertising campaigns that often cost thousands per month, SEO is cost-effective. That's because SEO leverages what's inherently free—your site's visibility in organic search results. Even if you invest in professional SEO services, the improvements made are long-lasting, continuing to benefit your business by attracting traffic without ongoing costs, unlike paid ads which stop the moment you cease payment.

5. Support All The Way

ShopWired's SEO packages include tailored support from our team of SEO experts. This means personalised advice and strategies tailored to your store's specific needs, ongoing optimisation efforts and detailed reporting to track your SEO campaign's success. We'll support you and your business from start to finish. 

ShopWired's SEO Packages: Helping Your Business Grow

Website Ranking Number One on Search Engine Results Page

ShopWired's SEO packages are designed to boost your online store's visibility and rankings in search engine results to gain more clicks. 

With both one-off and ongoing monthly packages, our SEO services cater to a diverse range of needs. Whether you're looking for a one-off audit of your website's current SEO performance and some tips to take with you, or ongoing optimisations implemented by ShopWired, our packages have you covered. 

Here's a breakdown of what's included in ShopWired's SEO Packages:

Keyword Research

Keyword Research

The foundation of any SEO campaign is keyword research. Keyword research identifies the search terms people are using to find the products you sell. 

Keyword research is a data-driven process, using tools like SEMRush and Google Trends. Our keyword research will focus on uncovering the most relevant and high-traffic search terms related to your products

Content Optimisation

Content truly is king when it comes to SEO. Search engines analyse each piece of content on your website and it either works for or against your website's rankings. We'll work with you to optimise the content throughout your website with a particular focus on homepage text and content across category and product pages.


Blogging is one of the most effective ways to boost your website's organic performance. That's because adding new content regularly to your website can help attract the attention of search engine bots and new customers alike. We'll work with you to determine a brand voice and tone for your blog and help to create content that's keyword-rich, engaging and relevant to your business. Not only will this boost your website's SEO, but it will also provide a more engaging experience for visitors to your website. 

Website Architecture

Your website's structure could be damaging your conversions and your search engine rankings without you even knowing. We’ll perform a full analysis of your link structure, category hierarchy and use of other navigation tools like website menus, brands and filters. 

Technical SEO

An assessment of your website's technical SEO includes looking at a wide range of onsite factors. These include H tags, sitemap and robots files, website speed, meta tags and page URLs. These are an often overlooked but important aspect of SEO. Small changes can lead to big improvements. 


One of the most important aspects of SEO is the number and quality of links pointing to your website from external websites. Each incoming link is counted as a 'vote' for your website. You can think of quality links as trust signals that tell search engines your content is good. ShopWired will seek to identify reputable and high-quality sources for backlinks that are relevant to your industry.

Data Analysis

By analysing an array of data points and metrics for your website we can judge which aspects are performing well and which need immediate attention. By collating and analysing this data, we'll create detailed reports to help you identify and understand your website's performance and how visitors interact with it. We’ll inform you of the best methods you can use to engage with your customers, and we’ll help you to understand who exactly those customers are. Armed with this information, we’ll devise a plan to help your business grow.

What's Included in Each SEO Package?

Here is a more detailed breakdown of what’s included in each of ShopWired’s SEO packages

One-off SEO packages

Service FeaturePro one-offAdvanced one-off
Technical SEO health check
Content optimisation recommendations
Usability checklist
Audit report
Conversion optimisation recommendationsX
Competitor analysisX
Incoming link reportX

A description of each feature is outlined below:

Technical SEO health check

A member of ShopWired’s marketing team will conduct a thorough audit of your website’s SEO from a technical point of view, including aspects such as H tags, page URLs, site architecture and link structure. 

Content optimisation recommendations 

We'll evaluate your website’s text pages, product and category descriptions and blog posts and suggest ways to optimise the content. 

Conversion optimisation recommendations 

We will assess your website’s conversion performance and suggest ways to improve the conversion rate. 

Usability checklist 

We'll complete a checklist of your website’s usability and suggest areas for improvement.  

Competitor analysis 

We will analyse up to three of your competitors’ websites to uncover insights. We'll assess how they are performing and what aspects of their SEO are working well. 

Incoming link report

We'll inspect third-party websites currently linking to your website, assessing their relevance and authority. 

Audit report 

You will receive a full written report of our findings, including points for immediate improvement, potential weak spots, areas for growth and long-term goals. 

Monthly ongoing SEO packages

Service FeatureOngoing PremiumOngoing Enterprise
Initial SEO audit and report
Blog posts1 per month2 per month
Product description optimisation
Onsite content optimisation
Ongoing conversion optimisation
Monthly SEO performance report
Competitor tracking & analysisX
Offsite link buildingX

Initial SEO audit and report 

If you're using ShopWired’s SEO service for the first time, for the first month of optimisation the ShopWired marketing expert will complete an initial audit of your website. For the Premium ongoing monthly package, the initial audit will be in accordance with the Pro one-off package. For the Enterprise ongoing monthly package, the initial audit will be in accordance with the Advanced one-off package.  

Blog posts

A ShopWired marketing expert will create keyword-rich and well-written blog posts on relevant topics in your industry. 

Product description optimisation

We'll work to optimise your product descriptions looking at content length, use of keywords and internal links. Typically, we'll work on between 10-20 products per month. 

Onsite content optimisation 

We will work to optimise content on other pages of your website, looking at content length, use of keywords and internal links. We'll analyse homepage text, categories, brands, text pages and blog posts. 

Ongoing conversion optimisation 

We'll analyse your website’s performance each month looking at key metrics of its success in converting visitors to customers and implementing techniques for improvements.  

Competitor tracking and analysis 

We will track up to three of your competitors’ websites, looking at key changes and ways they are optimising their websites. 

Offsite link building 

A ShopWired marketing expert will identify relevant and high-quality websites for your website and approach webmasters on your behalf about link placement. 

Monthly SEO performance report 

Each month, you'll receive a full written report with a performance review of the previous month including visitor analysis, work undertaken by the ShopWired marketing expert and planned work and suggestions for the month ahead. 

Choose ShopWired: Built With SEO in Mind

ShopWired Logo

ShopWired is built with SEO in mind, making it easy to optimise your website for search engines and climb the rankings. Many other ecommerce platforms require you to install third-party apps or enlist the help of marketing agencies to improve your website's performance, but ShopWired integrates essential SEO features directly into the platform.

Some aspects of SEO are handled automatically, for example, canonical URLs, your website's sitemap.xml and robots.txt files can be auto-generated, and you can change these settings with the toggle of a switch if you need to. 

Canonical URL generation on ShopWired

ShopWired also makes it easy to optimise each page on your website. For example, you can easily add meta titles, meta descriptions, custom URLs and image Alt tags to all of your website's pages. There's no need for third-party plugins or coding knowledge, simply fill out the fields to add this information to the page. The content management system (CMS) lets you easily structure your website's content for search engines, with the ability to add H tags, incorporate links and more.

Adding metadata to ShopWired pages

As well as the above, ShopWired extends its SEO-focused design beyond the basics. All ShopWired themes are also designed with SEO in mind. Each theme is responsive and performs excellently across devices. Plus, ShopWired's reliable hosting on Amazon Web services ensures your website remains up and running, minimising downtime and contributing to a positive user experience that search engines favour.

ShopWired themes

ShopWired SEO Packages: Frequently Asked Questions

Why is SEO important for my ecommerce site?

SEO is crucial as it increases your site's visibility and ranking in search engines, leading to more traffic and potential sales.

How does keyword research influence my site's SEO?

Keyword research helps identify the terms your audience is searching for. These keywords can then be strategically placed on your website to help you rank when people search online for them. 

What's the difference between onsite and offsite SEO?

Onsite SEO optimises elements within your site for search engines, while offsite SEO involves external actions like link building to improve site authority.

How can ShopWired's SEO packages improve my online visibility?

ShopWired's SEO packages enhance visibility by optimising both onsite and offsite SEO elements depending on your chosen package, tailored to your specific business needs.

Are ShopWired’s themes optimised for SEO?

Yes, all ShopWired themes are SEO-optimised, ensuring your site is responsive and search engine friendly.

How often should I update my website’s content for optimal SEO?

Updating your website’s content regularly keeps it relevant and engaging, which can positively impact your SEO performance.

What is link building, and why is it important?

Link building is acquiring links from other websites to yours. By gaining high-quality backlinks, you can increase your site's authority and search engine rankings.

Can I measure the success of my SEO efforts? How?

You can measure SEO success using tools like Google Analytics to track improvements in traffic, rankings and conversions.