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PrestaShop Pricing- How Much Does PrestaShop Really Cost?

26th January 2024

PrestaShop Logo

PrestaShop is an open-source ecommerce platform that’s free to download and use. It allows users to set up an ecommerce store and start making sales. 

But is PrestaShop really free? Are there hidden costs to know about? Are there better alternatives? 

In this guide, we’ll cover PrestaShop's pricing in depth, looking at its core features, themes, marketing features, customer support and more. By the end, you'll have a better understanding of the true costs involved in using PrestaShop. 

Ready? Let’s go. 

Table of Contents

What is PrestaShop?

PrestaShop is a self-hosted ecommerce platform that has its origins in Paris, France. The platform lets users create an ecommerce store to sell products and services online. 

PrestaShop is open-source, meaning the platform's source code is freely accessible and can be modified or customised to meet the specific needs and preferences of each user's online store. PrestaShop's source code is written using PHP as its programming language and is released under the Open Software License.

Since its launch in 2007, PrestaShop has become a popular ecommerce platform amongst business owners globally, particularly favoured by small to medium-sized enterprises for its flexibility, user-friendly interface and customisable options.

PrestaShop Pricing - How Much Does PrestaShop Cost?

As PrestaShop is self-hosted, the core platform is free to install and use, but can you run a live website without spending money? 

Well, not exactly. 

Although PrestaShop is free to download and install, using it to operate an online store comes with additional costs. This is where the distinction between the platform’s open-source nature and the actual costs of running an online store become apparent. 

Firstly, PrestaShop does not come with hosting or a domain name. The free aspect refers solely to the accessibility of the software, but not to the overall operational costs of launching an ecommerce presence. For this, you’ll need to spend money on web hosting and a domain name at the bare minimum, and more if you want to extend the functionality of your store beyond PrestaShop’s core offerings. 

The PrestaShop Versions: Classic vs Hosted

PrestaShop Pricing Plans

In November 2023, PrestaShop introduced a significant evolution of its platform with the release of the Hosted version. This new offering goes beyond PrestaShop's self-hosted Classic offering by including hosting as part of the package. This move towards a more integrated solution is designed to simplify the ecommerce setup process, especially for users who prefer a streamlined, all-in-one approach similar to what other popular platforms like ShopWired and Shopify offer. 

According to PrestaShop's pricing page, the Hosted plan starts at $24 per month. But it's important to note this price excludes VAT and is billed annually. If you opt for a monthly payment plan, the cost is slightly higher at $29 per month (+ VAT). 

Indeed, the introduction of PrestaShop's Hosted version in November 2023 does raise some questions about the platform's long-touted 'free' label. With a starting price of $29 per month, or $24 per month when billed annually, the Hosted version integrates hosting, which is a departure from the completely free, self-hosted Classic version. This pricing suggests that while the core software remains free to download, the overall cost of operating an online store on PrestaShop might be more than initially meets the eye.

Even for users who choose the Classic version, touted for its no-cost entry point, there are unavoidable expenses. Hosting and a domain name are fundamental requirements for launching any ecommerce site, and these services are not covered by PrestaShop's free offering. This means that even with the Classic version, users are still faced with additional out-of-pocket expenses.

Here's a quick breakdown of PrestaShop's two main plans, highlighting the differences between the free and paid versions: 

PrestaShop Classic 

Platform Type- Original, self-hosted, open-source format.

Hosting and Support- Separate hosting required; no direct support provided.

Key Features- Access to PrestaShop's core features with extensive add-ons and modules also available.

Customisation and Control- High degree of customisation with technical expertise needed.

Pricing Structure- Free download; additional costs for hosting, domain and extra features.

Ideal For- Users seeking full control and customisation capabilities for their e-commerce store.

PrestaShop Hosted

Launch Date- November 2023.

Hosting and Support- Integrated into the package for ease of setup.

Key Features- Includes essential modules such as automatic VAT calculation, GDPR compliance and analytics tools.

Customisation Options- User-friendly interface with customisation capabilities.

Pricing Structure- $29 per month + VAT. 

Ideal For- Users looking for a comprehensive, all-in-one ecommerce solution.

But beyond hosting and a domain name, PrestaShop comes with a bunch of core ecommerce features ; some are free, some require additional costs. Let's take a look at what you get for free and what you have to pay for. 

PrestaShop Core Ecommerce Features

  • Sell physical or digital products
  • Sell bundled products 
  • Sell personalised products
  • Sell product variations
  • Set a minimal order quantity on selected products
  • Out of stock notifications
  • Inventory tracking
  • One-page checkout

PrestaShop Marketing and SEO Features

  • Create special offers with coupons for: 

Free shipping


Free gifts

  • Cross-selling promotions
  • Product suggestions 
  • Gift warp option 
  • Abandoned basket emails
  • Create custom URL’s for SEO
  • Add metadata to pages
  • Connect with social media profiles 

PrestaShop Payment Gateways

  • PrestaShop Checkout (powered by PayPal)
  • PayPal
  • AmazonPay
  • Klarna
  • Stripe
  • Square
  • SumUp

There are more ways to pay and additional payment gateways available, but these are paid extras. 

PrestaShop Shipping Options

  • PrestaShop lets you configure the following shipping options as standard: 
  • Free shipping
  • Variable shipping costs by weight or item value
  • Regional shipping options
  • Set max dimensions and weight

PrestaShop also offers additional free modules which integrate with certain shipping providers, for example: 

  • Shipstation
  • DHL

PrestaShop Themes

PrestaShop Themes

PrestaShop’s marketplace offers numerous themes for creating an appealing and functional online store. The availability of themes ranges from free options to premium ones, catering to various business needs and aesthetics.

While there are indeed free themes available, they may offer limited features and require additional customisation. For more sophisticated and feature-rich themes, prices vary. Notable examples include the Movic theme, specifically designed for fashion stores, priced at £99.99, and the ZOne Supermarket Online theme for ecommerce, available for £124.99.

Pricing for PrestaShop themes is broad, with the most expensive themes reaching up to £243.99. On average, the cost of a PrestaShop theme is around £100.  

PrestaShop Additional Features

Beyond PrestaShop’s core features, the platform offers modules which can be downloaded from the Addon Marketplace. 

The modules cover everything from enhanced support, advanced SEO and improved ecommerce features. Whilst these modules are a welcomed addition, many of them require payment, either as a one-off fee or monthly subscription. This can increase the cost of using the platform. 

For example, the popular Sales Reports Pro addon currently costs £181.99, while the Super Speed Webp, Cache and SEO addon costs £124.99. The popularity of these apps suggests that a lot of merchants are using them, which indicates PrestaShop’s core features may not be enough.  

PrestaShop Support

Support on the PrestaShop platform is rather limited unless you subscribe to a support plan. Support is available via live chat, email and phone. PrestaShop claim to respond to queries within 24 hours, and their support team is available Monday-Friday from 9am till 10pm. 

For users with more specific support needs PrestaShop offers support packages. Again, though, these are paid extras and aren't included as part of your package. There Technical Support plan and Migration and Updates support plan both start from £300 per month. There's also an SEO support pack, but this starts at £550 per month. Whilst these packages may be useful for some, their price means the cost of using PrestaShop rises considerably. 

PrestaShop Paid Support Options

Beyond the support plans, PrestaShop offers a range of guides to help users with common problems. Their community forum also provides a wealth of information if you don't mind sifting through the discussions. 

PrestaShop Enterprise Options

PrestaShop also has hosting plans designed for businesses with higher demands in terms of traffic, performance, security, and scalability. These plans are geared towards businesses with higher volumes of traffic and sales, offering increased resources such as CPU cores, RAM, and storage, along with enhanced support and performance features.

PrestaShop's hosting plans start at £200 per month (excluding VAT), rising to £650 per month (excluding VAT) depending on your needs. 

These plans come with: 

  • Ability to face high volumes of queries
  • flexibility & deployment speed
  • performance and improved velocity
  • architecture optimisation
  • secure site migration.

PrestaShop Hosting

More details about each plan and its offerings can be seen below. 

PrestaShop Hosting Plans

Whilst it is good to see PrestaShop catering to a wide range of businesses, from small-medium to larger enterprises, the big jump in price is disappointing and may be enough to put some merchants off. 

PrestaShop - So How Much Does It Really Cost?

In summary, PrestaShop presents itself as a versatile ecommerce solution, initially attractive due to its open-source, 'free to download and use' model. 

However, as we've explored, the reality of setting up and operating an online store on PrestaShop involves additional costs which can add up significantly. From hosting and domain names to themes and support plans, each element contributes to the total expenditure. The choice between the self-hosted Classic version and the integrated Hosted version further adds layers to this cost structure. 

Let's look at each Prestashop plan to uncover what you can expect to pay: 

Classic Version (Free Download)

Core platform- Free to download and install.

Hosting- You must secure your own hosting services, which can range widely in price from £60-£120 per year. 

Domain name- Necessary for any website, typically an annual fee of around £10-£20 per year. 

Themes- Free themes are available, but limited; premium themes can cost from £100 up to £243.99.

Modules/Add-Ons- Essential for extending functionality; prices vary, with some crucial add-ons costing upwards of £100.

Support- Limited unless you opt for a paid support plan starting at £300.

Estimated total yearly cost without support plan: €320 - €360 (first year, with lower subsequent years unless new modules are purchased)

Estimated total yearly cost with support plan: €620 - €660

Ideal for- Those seeking a highly customisable platform and are comfortable managing the additional aspects of hosting and development themselves.

Hosted Version

Monthly fee- Starts at €24 excl. VAT/month if billed annually, or €29 excl. VAT/month.

Includes- Hosting with Gandi (50 GB), installation of your online store, automatic VAT calculation, GDPR compliance, and cookie management, support 6 days a week, and a guided back office tour.

Ideal for- Users looking for an all-in-one solution with hosting and support included.

However, depending on your specific needs, you might still want to consider the costs of:

Additional Modules/Add-Ons- Although some features are included, you might need specific modules or add-ons. Let's estimate this at €200/year, recognising that it can vary greatly.

Support plan- Even though the Hosted version comes with support, you might require a more comprehensive support plan. If we were to consider the Technical Support plan starting at €300, this would be an additional cost.

Estimated total yearly cost with additional modules and without extended support plan- €488 (excl. VAT)

Estimated total yearly cost with additional Modules and extended support plan- €788 (excl. VAT)

PrestaShop Enterprise Hosting Options

Price- Plans start from €200/month and can go up to €650/month, excluding VAT.

Features- These plans are geared towards businesses with higher volumes of traffic and sales, offering increased resources such as CPU cores, RAM, and storage, along with enhanced support and performance features.

Estimated total yearly cost- €2400 (excl. VAT)

Ideal for- Larger businesses or those with significant online traffic and sales that require robust hosting solutions.

Additional Potential Costs 

Technical support plan- Starts at €300, offering help with technical issues, module configurations, and bug fixes.

Migration & updates- €300 for an audit and assistance with store migration or updates.

SEO pack- Starts at €550, providing analysis of crawl errors and SEO improvement suggestions.


While PrestaShop's core software is free, the total cost of operation includes hosting, domain name, themes, modules and support, which can add up significantly. It's crucial for businesses to consider these additional expenses when choosing PrestaShop. While it offers flexibility and a range of features, these costs must be factored into the decision-making process for an accurate assessment of the platform's affordability.

For businesses that prefer a more all-in-one solution under one monthly payment, a platform like ShopWired might be a better option.

FAQ Section

Is PrestaShop really free?

PrestaShop is free to download and use, but running a live store incurs costs like hosting, domain names, themes and additional modules.

What are the main differences between the Classic and Hosted versions of PrestaShop?

The Classic version is self-hosted and open-source, offering greater control and customisation, while the Hosted version includes hosting, support, and pre-installed modules for an additional monthly fee.

Can I sell products immediately after downloading PrestaShop?

Yes, but you'll need to set up hosting, a domain name, and configure your store before you can start selling.

How much does a typical PrestaShop theme cost?

While there are free themes, premium themes average around £100, with some costing up to £243.99.

Are there any hidden costs with PrestaShop?

Costs like hosting, domain names, advanced themes, and additional features/modules can add up, so they're not exactly hidden but are often not considered initially.

Does PrestaShop offer customer support?

Basic support is limited; more comprehensive support is available through paid plans starting at £300 per month.