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ShopWired is jam packed with features to make your website a success.
If you have a website already, you can use our free switching service to transfer your product data across.
Beautiful Design

Beautiful themes to choose from

We have a fantastic theme library for you to choose from.

Each theme has been hand-crafted by our design team and tested to ensure your customers will easily find the products they are looking for. Every template conforms to the latest web standards.

Easily customisable

All themes can be easily customised by you using the management system. You'll be able to change things like colours and buttons yourself, and even use our advanced editor to directly edit the HTML & CSS if you wish to.

Full blogging

Publish your own blog, great for your customers, SEO and repeat visitors.

Full content management system (cms)

Use the ShopWired CMS to control all of the content on your website including image galleries, pages like 'about us', menus and navigation and more.

100% responsive for mobile & tablet commerce

All of our templates have been designed to be responsive to the screen they are viewed on whether its a laptop, tablet or smart phone.

In fact, we're the only ecommerce platform in the world that has converted all of its templates to be responsive.

Experts available

If you need help customising your theme then you can contact us and we'll be happy to help you.

Bespoke design service available

We also have an in-house design team that can produce a design for your website from scratch, exactly how you want it to look. Take a look at more information about our bespoke ecommerce design service.

Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce is a primary focus

We recognise the importance mobile & tablet commerce now plays in ecommerce and it's increasing dominance in our industry.

That's why all of our themes are built to be responsive.

Whatever device the user is using to view your website, whether its a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone, the content and design will automatically adapt.

All of our checkouts are usability tested to make sure they are easy for your customers to use on their tablets and phones.

Manage your website 'on the go'

The ShopWired management system can be used on both tablets and mobile phones, meaning you can manage your website from anywhere in the world.

Mobile commerce commitment

ShopWired are committed to bringing the latest in mobile commerce developments to our platform.

Helping you to maximise the potential of your store.

As technology and techniques move forward, you can rest assured that your store will be kept up to date with the latest developments.

Your Products

Create products with ease

Enter all the information for your products on one simple page.

Enter the product name, description, upload images & videos, enter the price & RRP. Place items into categories to help your customers find what they need quickly. Got a special offer? Enter it. Want to feature a product on the home page? No problem.

Unlimited product options

Create as many options for your products as you like such as different sizes, colours and shapes.

Big & beautiful images

Using our innovative clear view zoom tool you can give customers a crystal clear view of your products. With just one click, your customers can view your item images in fine detail. Increase sales on your store by giving customers confidence in the products they're purchasing.

Built in SEO for every product you sell

Our automatic system will create the necessary meta tags for your products automatically, but you can override these settings if you wish.

Sell digital products and downloads

Upload files to your account and link them with a product to sell digital downloads. Customers are emailed a unique link that can only be used a fixed number of times (set by you) to download the products they've bought.

Manage stock and set alerts

Easily manage stock for individual products or product variations at the click of a mouse.

Upload stock levels in bulk when you have a new delivery and set email alerts for when you have low stock on particular items.

Upload in bulk

Upload products and categories in bulk using our import/export feature.

Submit to Google Shopping & others

Submit a product feed to Google Shopping to increase visitors to your store and increase sales or take advantage of the other product feeds we host.

Boost sales with even more tools

Collect product reviews from your customers or integrate with Feefo or Reviews.co.uk.

Allow visitors to purchase gift vouchers to send to their friends.

Allow visitors to view prices in different currencies.

Let customers collect reward points with every purchase they make.

Include products in 2 for 1 and 3 for 2 offers.

Set bulk buy discounts.

Create and sell subscription products.

Notify customers automatically when a product is back in stock.

Selling Channels

Sell on multiple channels

Connect your ShopWired website with all the channels that you sell on.

Manage products, customers, orders and fulfillment all through your ShopWired account.

You can list products in your ShopWired account and push them through to your different selling channels, or 'receive' products created on other channels to list on your website and send to other channels.

Stock levels between channels are automatically synced by our system so if you receive an order on one channel, the stock level on all others will be reduced automatically. New stock can be added to your ShopWired account and it will update all channels at once.

When you receive an order on a channel it will appear in your ShopWired account for you to manage directly from there. You can set the order as dispatched (and enter tracking number(s)) and this will automatically be pushed out to the originating channel.

Sell on Facebook & Instagram

Use ShopWired features to create a product catalogue on Facebook and then advertise your products for sale on Facebook's shopping platform.

You can also use your Facebook product catalogue to sell through Instagram by tagging products in your Instagram posts.

Sell on eBay

Connect your website with your eBay store to take all the hard work out of selling on eBay.

Products can be listed on your website and 'sent' to eBay (or listed on eBay and copied to your website) and any edits made to products will automatically be pushed to the listing on your eBay store.

You can time eBay listings to be created at a future time & date, or setup 'best offer' listings and set international & domestic shipping rates from your ShopWired account.

Sell on Amazon (coming soon)

Connect your website with your Amazon seller account to link products, orders and fulfillment automatically.

The main aspects of your Amazon store, products, shipping, stock and orders are managed through your ShopWired account taking the hard work out of selling on Amazon.

Managing Your Store

Managing & creating orders

Notifications of new orders are sent to you by email with the full order details.

You can log in to the control panel at any time and view details about any order placed, see which are pending, completed, shipped or refunded and update customers by email at the click of a mouse.

Collect powerful customer data

Learn more about your customers and their shopping habits. Collect newsletter subscribers and automatically populate MailChimp subscriber lists.

Encourage return shopping with customer accounts and manage customer experiences with detailed product reviews.

You can also create quotes that are emailed to the customer with a quick 'pay now' link.

Abandoned baskets

View and chase abandoned baskets by sending recovery emails to each customer that abandons their basket.

Our studies have shown a conversion rate of up to 40% is possible via abandoned basket recovery and ShopWired can handle everything automatically.

Manage your emails

Take charge of your order confirmation and other transactional emails by editing the contents directly in your account.

User accounts

Create accounts for different users so that they can access your website too. Restrict their access to only parts of the management system that you want them to see.

Gift cards

Let your visitors buy gift cards for their family or friends. This is a great way to boost sales and it is all handled automatically by the ShopWired system.

Marketing Features

Built in SEO

If your store is to grow it must be successful in search results.

Every page on your website can be configured with our SEO tools to display the right meta tags. And if you don't know how, our system will do it for you!

We'll also automatically generate robots.txt and sitemap files.

Social network integration

With just one click of the mouse your shoppers will be able to share your store or an item on it, with their friends on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google +.

Elastic search

ShopWired uses the Elastic search engine to provide the most relevant search results to your website visitors.

Promotions & vouchers

Our discount code and coupon engine means you can create sales, discount codes and coupons in order to promote your products.

You can create codes that offer customers a monetary discount, percentage discount or free shipping. Set codes to be used on all products or only on products in a particular category - or even just a single product.

Reward points system

Allow your customers to earn reward points with every purchase that they make and convert for a cash discount on later purchases.

Referral rewards

Reward your customers for referring customers to your website, and give the referred customer a discount off their first purchase.


Quick & simple checkouts

The ShopWired checkout, used on all our ecommerce websites, has been designed to be as quick and simple to use as possible.

Your store will be built using a straight forward and easy two stage checkout procedure.

1. Customer confirms their basket and enters their address details

2. Customer is taken to make payment

No unnecessary clicks or questions

Accept card payments securely through any payment gateway

ShopWired will integrate your shopping cart to accept credit or debit card payments on any payment gateway you use.

You can also accept payment via PayPal, PayPal Express, Pay by Amazon, and allow your customers to submit an order and pay offline. You can also accept telephone orders and enter them into the management system.

SSL Security

Secure your website with an SSL certificate. SSL certificates are included free of charge in all packages.

Simple, flexible delivery rates

Set delivery rates for your customers based on either the total weight or total value of their basket.

Set different bands depending on the basket total, like free shipping on orders over £100.

You can also set different rates within bands such as "Next Day Delivery", "1st Class Delivery" or "Super Saver Delivery".

Create free delivery voucher codes or set specific delivery charges on individual items.

You can also set postcode delivery charges. The customer will be prompted to enter their postcode at checkout and only shown matching delivery rates that you have configured.

Tax settings

Do you charge VAT? Are you listing your items to include VAT or should we add it on at checkout? Should item prices be displayed without VAT for your trade customers?

Should we show a VAT breakdown to your customers at checkout?

Use our custom VAT features to allow EU businesses to not pay VAT on supply of a valid VAT number, or remove VAT from products eligible for disabillity VAT relief.

Our flexible tax settings allow you to easily make changes to how VAT is calculated and displayed to your customers.

Analytics & Reports

Know your store with analytics & reports

Analyse and gain new insight into your business with advanced analytics and reports.

See which products are selling and which aren't. Find out who your biggest customers are and what they're spending.

Setup a 'how you found us' question on customer registration and checkout forms, and find out how your customers are hearing about you.

Use the 'no products found' report to see what search terms people are using on your product search and rectify when they aren't shown the results they should be.

Visitor tracking

Setup visitor tracking with any third party provider you like. You can easily install Google analytics with a couple of clicks.

Ecommerce analytics

Google's ecommerce analytics feature can be installed easily too, to get advanced statistics in your analytics account about your ecommerce activity.

Conversion tracking

Setup conversion tracking to monitor your pay per click advertising campaigns.

Facebook pixel tracking

You can install and configure Facebook tracking pixels with just a few clicks to monitor your Facebook advertising campaigns and actions like 'purchase' and 'initiatecheckout'.

Advanced Hosting

Built for big traffic

ShopWired is hosted on the Amazon Web Services cloud which is recognised as one of the most reliable hosting platforms in the world and hosts Amazon.com.

With a 99.95% uptime guarantee, AWS is the host of choice for many of the world's largest internet companies like Pinterest, Adobe, Spotify & Nokia.

Monitoring around the clock

Our team monitor the platform around the clock to ensure deliverability, security and reliability of your store.

You can be assured that if there is a problem with the platform, we'll spot it and fix it before it becomes a problem for your store.

Your website is protected

The ShopWired management system is protected with military grade encryption. Its the same type of encryption used for handling sensitive data like credit card information or bank accounts.

We are dedicated to ensuring the security and integrity of our ecommerce platform, keeping it safe for you and your customers.

Automatic backups

And you don't have to worry about losing your store's important data!

ShopWired stores are automatically backed up throughout the day, including all orders, items, images and customer records.

Should a failure occur, you can be assured that all your data is safely stored.

Wholesale Features

Built in features for wholesale

Unlike other ecommerce platforms, ShopWired has ecommerce features for wholesalers built in.

Trade accounts

Allow trade customers to create accounts on your website and store their details for faster checkout at a later date.

Credit accounts

Assign 'credit account' status to a trade account to allow trade customers to checkout without paying immediately for their order.

Bulk discounts

Create bulk buy discounts which reduce the price for products if a customer buys more than one item. Flexible rules allow you to create different discounts for different quantities and different products.

Trade only categories and products

You can create categories and assign them as 'trade only' so visitors can only see them, and the products they contain, if logged into a trade account. You can also hide pricing on your products unless a customer is logged into an account.

Discount pricing

Set a separate percentage discount for each trade account that will allow the trade customer access to discount pricing.

Individual pricing

An alternative to global discount pricing is to set an individual price for every product for each trade account you create.

Group pricing

Create 'groups' and assign trade accounts to them. Set individual pricing for each product for each group.


You can also choose to display prices without VAT to your trade customers, (keeping it displaying with VAT to retail customers).

You can ask customers to supply a VAT number (if within the EU) and automatically remove VAT from their order.

Many Add-ons

Incredibly flexible, ShopWired comes with a range of add ons

ShopWired's unique system allows you to extend your website and our management system, to include a range of other additional features such as collecting newsletter sign ups straight through to MailChimp, or connecting your orders directly with your accountancy software.

The ShopWired APP centre includes a range of additional extras available for your website, to help you administer it more effectively.

We also have a range of easy-to-install theme add-ons such as using DISQUS for blog comments.

The ShopWired API allows for any third party developer to build a direct and automatic connection to our systems to perform a range of actions. Read more about the API here.

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Fantastic product, fantastic customer service...what more can I say. Mike Young The Rubber Stamp Gallery
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